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Services Available

Don't call the RV repair shop just yet...

Check out what Route 6 Mobile RV Service can do to help.

No need to go anywhere, I can travel to you!

On-Site Demonstrations

I will come to your location and give you a detailed walk through of your unit highlighting all the important functions, appliances, maintenance and systems found in your RV so that you have a better understanding of how your unit works and how to maintain and keep your RV rolling down the road.  


Sometimes a problem needs to be found first before it can be repaired. I will employ diagnostic equipment, part numbers, testing procedures, pictures, and video to help locate an issue and decide whether a repair can be performed out in the field or if it needs the attention of a dealership or other qualified technician.

Seasonal Maintenence

In order for your unit to be ready for storage or the beginning of the next season, you want to make sure all of your maintenance is in order to ensure a long lasting uninterrupted camping season. Winterization before storage and Dewinterization at the beginning of the season are absolutely necessary in ensuring your rig is ready to roll when you want it to. Keep maintaining your unit and it will take care of you. 

Some repairs just require a little bit of attention to fix a very large problem. These repairs can be fixed at the location depending on current inventory and supply. Read below to see the list of available services.

Minor Repairs

Repair Services

Below are the types of repair services that are available:


  • Stabilizer Jack Electric/Manual Repair/Replacement

  • 12V/120V Electical Systems Diagnostics/Repairs

  • Exterior Lights Repair/Replacement  (Marker Lights + Indicators)

  • Roof Reseal/Spot Seal

  • After Market Vent Cover Installation

  • Battery Led Acid Replacements

  • Multiple Battery Installations

  • Main-Secondary Entry Door Repair/Replacement

  • Exterior Compartment Door/Lock Repair/Replacement

  • Weight Distribution Sway Control Hitch


  • Water Pump Diagnostic/Replacement

  • Plumbing Diagnostics/Repairs         (No Grey/Black Tank Systems)

  • Water Heater Diagnostics/Repairs

  • Furnace Diagnostics/Repairs

  • Air Conditioners Diagnostics/Repairs

  • 3 Way/2 Way Refrigerator Diagnostic/Repair

  • Drawer & Cabinet Repair   (Dependant on Parts Availability)

  • TV Mount/Install

  • Door Replacement/Repair

  • Toilet Replacement/Repair

  • Shower & Sink Repairs

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