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About Me

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I’m Andy B, the owner and founder of Route 6 Mobile RV Service LLC. My love for RVs stem from a road trip way back in 2006 when I traveled solo across the United States from NJ to NV and back in 11 days. It was during that soul-searching trip when I realized that I wanted to be on the road. However, I decided to be a truck driver for 20 years first to get that out of my system. My insatiable wanderlust still exists today and I decided to retire from driving a truck to get deep into the RV industry by becoming an RV technician. The first stop in my new career was in Texas for training at the NRVTA to become a certified technician through the RVTAA so that I could one day start my own business. Surprise, here it is! At some point very soon, I will support myself and my wife while living full-time in an RV around the country and working as an RV technician.


While working at an RV dealership for 2 years, I found that I really enjoyed working on RVs and figuring out how they work and how to fix them. My favorite part, the part I enjoyed the most was doing unit demonstrations for customers. Training, educating, sharing tips and tricks about being on the road and showing people how to use their unit became my new focus. The customer is already excited and happy that they are bringing their unit home and I get to be there to make the transition even better and hopefully more enjoyable.


I started this business for myself, but it ended up being about the customer and the RV community. My expertise is on educating and showing people how to use their new toy, their hotel on wheels, or their full-time home, so the customer can be informed and to fully enjoy their unit in a confident way. That’s my goal. To travel. To explore. To educate. To meet awesome interesting people and to be surrounded by the RV community. Hope to see you all on the road!

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